Joe Lill is involved in many different
activities and organizations;
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Joe Lill's Six of One
and The Joe Lill Orchestra!

Amazingly versatile bands!
Follow the link for song lists & sound files!

Joe Lill's Doctors of Dixie

We cure what ails ya!

Our first CD, "Hear the Rolling Thunder"
is now available on iTunes & CD Baby!

Follow this link to hear samples
or to download tracks through iTunes!


North Park University

Joe is a Professor of Music and the
Director of Bands at North Park, where he
directs the Jazz Ensemble, conducts the
Concert Band and teaches trumpet.

Jeff Hedberg & C11

Jeff Hedberg & C11 is a 12-piece, Chicago-
based jazz ensemble formed in April 2008.
It performs large ensemble jazz in the
West Coast
"Cool" style. Visible, or mostly
visible, in the above shot (taken at Andy's)
are: (left to right)
Darren Scorza,
Rich Moore, Ryan Schultz, Nick Drozdoff,
Mark Colby, Steve Duncan & Joe Lill.


Cathedral Brass

Bruce Daugherty, trumpet
(former member Doug Rosenthal,
trombone, is pictured above)
Lisa Taylor, horn
Dana Hofer, tuba
Joe Lill, trumpet

Here's a link to us performing "Amazing Grace"
in a 2011 performance. For this piece I'm
playing Chicago Benge #3165.

Chicago Benge

In August 2007 Joe completed the degree
of Doctor of Music in Trumpet Performance
from Northwestern University; his final
document is entitled "Elden Benge and the
Chicago Benge Trumpet."

If you'd like to hear the final piece on Joe's first D.M.
recital (5/24/06), Dr. Michael Stewart's arrangement
of the Jupiter Theme from "The Planets," click here.


Joe Lill, piccolo trumpet
Matthew Muckey, trumpet 1
Eric Yates, trumpet 2
Bryan McKinney, trumpet 3
Van Parker, horn 1
Virginia Sandstrom, horn 2
Christopher Wall, horn 3

B.J. Hardesty, trombone 1
Greg Wojcik, trombone 2
Jim Lehman, trombone 3
Rita Olsen, euphonium
Michael Hogg, tuba